Customer Service

Our highly motivated, qualified and flexible service team of technicians, engineers and software specialists is at your disposal any time.

We are everywhere, where you need us. Our top priority is to satisfy our customers by offering the right solutions for their needs with high efficiency, reliability and process safety and to keep them satisfied during the whole service life of our products. Not only repair works are performed highly professionally, but also machine inspections, maintenance works and technical advice regarding the best suited grinding technology as well as fast and effective diagnostics via helpline. We offer a sophisticated range of services enabling you after the purchase of a HÖFLER gear grinding or gear hobbing machine to take full advantage of the applications of your product.

Our service starts long before the machine is supplied to the customer. We give qualified and individual advice to work out the best solution for your company that is customized exactly to your requirements. Machine commissioning and training of your operators is done by our qualified and highly motivated specialists. Our application engineers train your machine operators in step with actual practice and in accordance with your needs. Our service team attends to you during the whole production life of your machine.

We are anxious to secure and increase your production safety permanently by giving advice and passing on our knowledge directly to you.

We don’t leave you alone with your problems. No matter where you are, if necessary, we are on the spot in no time. You log on to our system or we log on to your machine, analyze the machine data and assist you in solving your problem.

Latest simulation software and diagnostic software enable us to recognize any arising problems fast and solve them in good time before damage is caused. When we make a machine inspection, we can give you a clear picture of the overall condition of your machine. This makes production and investment decisions easier.

We deliver original spare parts fast and at fair prices. We stand by you and our products. You get more safety at a reasonable price. We record the history of your machine in detail so that we always know all about it, so that we can react fast and competently should any problem arise.

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